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03/19/19 Condensed Game: Penguins @ Hurricanes

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Extended highlights of the Pittsburgh Penguins at the Carolina Hurricanes

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7 thoughts on “03/19/19 Condensed Game: Penguins @ Hurricanes

  1. A few things I noticed at this game:
    – Crosby’s acting was on point: literally turned what should have been a Canes power-play into a 4 on 4… TWICE (And this is coming from a huge Crsoby fan, but it was just embarrassing to watch him take those dives)
    – On three separate occasions, the ref blocked a puck that was in play and it screwed over the Canes (same ref every time, btw)
    – At the end of the game Letang was a dumbass and made the overtime end in a 4 on 3, and since he picked up a ten minute misconduct, he wasn’t in the shootout later… nice one, bud
    – *I just think Petr Mrazek is too good right now*
    – For real tho, Petr had a great game (but Murray had a solid outing as well)
    – Phil Kessel’s shootout attempt made me want to die
    – Oh, and I almost punched a five-year-old kid in the face
    – I was actually cheering for both teams at this game (Pens fan but I live in Raleigh), but I was wearing a Pens jersey; on my way out after the shootout this little kid gets all up in my face about how the Canes won, and for a second I had a really, really bad idea… good thing I didn’t act on it 😉
    – All things considered, not a bad hockey game though, because the back-and-forth was very intense/entertaining at times, and both teams came away with points; I really hope Carolina breaks the playoff drought this year, and a playoff series between these two teams would be amazing to see…

  2. Glorious. Penguins lose again late in season. Hopefully they continue and miss the playoffs. Would be poetic justice if they missed the playoffs and Capitals won again.

  3. Great game I was there with my whole team #girlshockeynight we had so much fun and after the game we met the canes

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