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10 and Under Tennis Lessons at Elite Sports Clubs

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Elite Sports Club was the first tennis club in Wisconsin to fully implement the new USTA 10 & Under (QuickStart) format in our lessons. The team taught tennis lessons develop not just players’ rallying consistency, but also full understanding of strategy, conditioning, and mental toughness.

Best of all no membership is required for this level of lessons! Visit for more information and to register online.

QuickStart Tiny Tot
Ages 3 & 4
Your child’s fist tennis experience establishes a foundation for hand-eye coordination, basic movement, listening skills, team cooperation and athletic tennis skills. It’s a fun-filled introduction to the great lifetime sport of tennis. This class is taught on a 36′ Red Court.

QuickStart 1 & 2
Ages 5-10
A focus on introductory rallying skills and beginning stages of cooperative tennis. Students will learn how to initiate a rally, how to move and judge a ball, and racket control. As they advance, students learn basic tennis tactics and athletic skills, while developing social skills and group attitudes. They will be playing by the end of the session, guaranteed!

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