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10 Most OBVIOUS PREDICTIONS For The 2019 NFL Season (DUH!!!)

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It’s that time of the year where everybody lists their “bold” predictions for the upcoming NFL season. Everybody likes being bold. It’s fun going off the charts and trying to guess what sorts of crazy shenanigans will happen.

But who needs to make “bold predictions” when you already know how some parts of the season will play out? You don’t need analysis. You don’t need to read magazines. You don’t need to watch NFL shows. You just need to listen to us.

We’re here to spoil some of the fun and tell you EXACTLY what will happen in 2019. We don’t know who will win the Super Bowl. We don’t know who will win MVP. We don’t know what records will be broken.

But there are 10 things we are absolutely, 100 percent positive about. You’ll thank us after the season for telling you this.

Today we present the 10 most obvious predictions for the 2019 NFL season.

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10 thoughts on “10 Most OBVIOUS PREDICTIONS For The 2019 NFL Season (DUH!!!)

    1. Top 10 most unlikely playoff wins (Ex. The 7-9 Seahawks beating the Defending Super Bowl champs Saints)

      Also Great vid T.P.O.G

  1. I got something like why your team will never make it to the super bowl and how your team could make it to super bowl

  2. Gruden is gonna get fed up with Antonio Brown and trade him for picks for sure. Probably before mid season too.

  3. Here are my predictions and there are far more bold than whatever this site made lmao. Re-predicting certain things to happen is pretty lazy by means of predictions

    1: Bengals repeat last place in AFC north
    2: Patriots DON’T win the super bowl this year
    3: Bears and Packers tie at 11-5 for division lead while Vikings go 9-7
    4: Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers both break in with wild card entries
    5: Broncos finish mediocre 8-8 while Raiders continue to tank at 5-11
    6: Josh Rosen wins quarterback gig for dolphins but isn’t really filled with talent as team sits at 6-10
    7: Daniel Jones doesn’t get to start until next year while this is Manning’s final year as the giants finish a promising 7-9
    8: Atlanta Falcons make surprise play off run and enter in a wild card spot at 10-6 while the Saints win the division again
    9: Kansas City Chiefs suffer embarrassing early exit out of playoffs after going 13-3
    10: New Orleans Saints will win the super bowl and Drew Brees will be the MVP with a 40 TD, 9 INT, 4000 yard season

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