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Andy Roddick Tennis Serve Analysis – How Roddick Hit 155 MPH Serve

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Andy Roddick is one of the best servers in the history of tennis. In fact he hit the world’s fastest tennis serve at the time in 2004 with a 155 miles per hour serve and was the worlds fastest server in the world for seven years until Ivo Karlovic broke his record in 2011.
In this video Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov (LTA Level 4 Senior Performance Coach) will break down three of the main elements that made Andy Roddick’s serve so good and powerful.

Step #1 – Andy Roddick used a modification of both the normal service stances, it wasn’t a platform or a pinpoint stance but somewhere in between both, sometimes referred to as the narrow platform or wide pinpoint stance. This stance allowed Roddick the ability to really drive upwards using both legs equally as well and reach the maximum height that he could on serve.

Step #2 – Roddick used a very abbreviated takeback for his serve, unlike the traditional motion where the racket drops down by the legs and then reaches the trophy position, Roddick went straight back from the starting position into the trophy pose. This gained him time and made the motion much simpler but also quicker, less things could go wrong and he could go through the entire motion very fast which made it hard for the opponents to read his serve.

Step #3 – Roddick’s trophy position was very different to most players, instead of having the tip of the racket pointing upwards towards the sky, Roddick’s pointed to the right side of the court and his elbow was leading the way. This caused the hand to be lagging behind and gave him extra space to truly accelerate the racket head during the contact zone.

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5 thoughts on “Andy Roddick Tennis Serve Analysis – How Roddick Hit 155 MPH Serve

  1. Kyrgios would be a good comparison in the pin point department. He drives with both legs, has a quick toss and delivery. All with a conventional take back but he gets there quickly. Doesn’t stop at trophy. Just one quick motion

    1. Good suggestion, we have done the Nick Kyrgios serve analysis for our Serve Blueprint course but if enough people like this comment then we’ll do another video for YouTube.
      Thanks for watching
      All the best

  2. I don’t get why these videos are free. It’s so well explained. ❤️ These vids help me a lot!

  3. Roddick is still my favorite server. All the other great servers were almost seven footers, Roddick just let it rip every time with no real height advantage.

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