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Scissors effect-golf

How this Mike Austin scissors effect produces prodigious distances(Mike holds longest drive record -515 yards)

Playing Golf With New Clubs Vs Old Clubs Feat. Brodie Smith – Challenge

Merch: Today's challenge was one of my personal favorite mainly because playing with super old clubs takes me back to a generation of golf that I never got to be a part of! Hopefully ya'll enjoyed the "Playing Golf With New Clubs Vs Old Clubs Feat. Brodie Smith - Challenge" BroFive IG


Increase club head speed by using the body more naturally, improving golf swing sequence and allowing the weight of the golf club to help you not hinder you. Golf swing form is natural to you, if you allow it. And a simple punch and instinctive uppercut (no matter how slow

New TaylorMade P790 Iron Vs Old P790 SHOCK RESULT! Golf Monthly

► Joel Tadman tests the new TaylorMade P790 iron up against the original P790 and experienced some very unexpected results! ► Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER to Golf Monthly's YouTube page now - ► For the latest reviews, new gear launches and tour news, visit our website here - ► Like us

An Amazing Golf Experience at Airway Meadows!

Airway Meadows Golf Club, located directly between Glens Falls and Saratoga Springs, New York, is an 18 hole championship golf course with a par 72 on 177 acres. That includes a family owned public airport, a black Angus beef farm, along with indoor and outdoor dining. You will marvel at

The all-new Tour Edge HL4 Golf Clubs (HL4 Driver, Hybrid Iron, Iron Wood)

This is what you missed on our What's New In Golf live stream on Facebook & Instagram. ⁣ We talked about the all-new Tour Edge HL4 Golf Clubs.⁣ ⁣ Comment below for your chance to win a free fitting in the Player Performance Studio at the Haggin Oaks Golf Complex ($129.99 value). We'll

World’s Best Hip Turn | Golf with Aimee

It is a subtle difference but this is where the golf swing is going! Let’s check out the difference between Rory & Brooks Koepka’s hip turns! To become an MP Swing Family member, Please visit: If you have any questions please visit Come check out Aimee’s Collection (Aimee’s favorite golf gears) Please subscribe

How to stop standing up in the middle of your golf swing

One of THE most common swing faults is ‘Standing Up’ through the shot – not only on the Back swing but especially on the Downswing. This is a Big TABOO! A look at all good players show them compressing their bodies and putting FORCE into the ground. This generates Power and

Steph Curry On Playing Golf With Barack Obama | TMZ Sports

Steph Curry is calling on one of his most powerful friends to help relaunch the golf program at Howard University -- Barack Obama -- and he's willing to use bribery!!! Steph CurrySUBSCRIBE -- About TMZ Sports: Some of the best stories in sports have been off the field and we’re reporting on