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Chiefs Rally Point – Finish vs Packers | Kansas City Chiefs News NFL 2019

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the Kansas City Chiefs signed quarterback Matt Moore after quarterback Chad Henne fractured his ankle against the 49ers. Defensive end Breeland Speaks will be out with surgery to his MCL and meniscus. Fullback Jon Lovett was placed on IR for the season.
Who will be the Chiefs back up quarterback behind Patrick Mahomes? How can the team rally with Tanoh Kpassagnon and Emmanuel Ogbah taking on Speaks’ reps?

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12 thoughts on “Chiefs Rally Point – Finish vs Packers | Kansas City Chiefs News NFL 2019

    1. He’s 100% healthy so its a head scratcher to me of course with a little bias. 3 tackles and 1 pbu in game one in a full 4th quarter. No catches on him and was in the right places in coverage.

    2. @Davon Monroe I have no idea why they’re not giving him more reps, he’s a real talented player from what I can tell. Maybe with the starters sitting this game he’ll get more of a chance to play.

    3. My nephew Dakari Monroe should get more reps! First game had the highest PFF out of any DB on the field. Game 2 he only gets 1minute and the last game on 3 minutes!! Give him some reps and you will see him shine!

    4. RGR Football Cody Thompson who I believe can turnout to be the next Edelman. Ogbah more reps since speaks when down with a injuring. Saunders I know he’s making the team but need more reps. N my secondary. I’m sorry but we need help in that department. Idk if the last spot are not on this team.

  1. I would like to trade Robinson to keep Thompson, but I don’t know what if anything we could get for him. Do you think we could we could actually get Cody Thompson to the practice squad? I don’t feel comfortable with it, but I also think Robinson does could still be an asset.

  2. How does the practice squad work exactly? I don’t know how many you can put on the it or what it actually constitutes. Could even be a video idea if you like.

    1. Any team can poach a PS player. Often this happens after the player’s waived and before he even joins the PS. “Clearing waivers” says nobody stole him from you. I don’t remember how big the PS is. It’s not that many guys.

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