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Cowboys & Cardinals Share Moment of Unity | Monday Night Football | NFL Week 3

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The Dallas Cowboys take a kneel before the National Anthem and then resume standing for Jordin Sparks’ rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner.

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5 thoughts on “Cowboys & Cardinals Share Moment of Unity | Monday Night Football | NFL Week 3

  1. People turn to football to escape politics and the like. Football has always been something that unites us, even though we disagree on things. Now, we can no longer look to football to hold us together. That’s pretty scary. The players have many other platforms to express themselves, but they chose the flag and national anthem, and that is wrong!

  2. Why are they getting so much hate, they’re not disrespecting anyone they are peacefully protesting by kneeling down and that shows that they love this country, if they didn’t they would be insulting The President and do inappropriate things, but kneeling down is bad?? come on guys.

  3. It’s about compromise, I hope people can get it. At first I was angry about kneeling but everyone should be heard because there has been a lot of injustice from the past but all nations have horrific past. Healing and moving forward should be what we as a nation focus on. Don’t trust the media, try trusting your own thoughts. The media is no longer the watchdog they are supposed to be. The media seem to be agenda oriented and its not about preserving our sovereignty as a free nation.

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