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Do you like basketball gym shorts?

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Just wondering if anyone has a fetish like me with tight basketball shorts. Thinking about doing a big compilation with them. Let me know in the comments. #rootpooty

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6 thoughts on “Do you like basketball gym shorts?

  1. Pooty…you fart any where you want however you want…gym jeans…toilet farts…whatever makes you happy makes us happy…a fart compilation of all past videos…OMG would be awesome. Thanks pooty.

  2. Looking cool with the shades on Root with your hair slick back and yes I love basketball shorts man but it’s not a fetish of mines Root keep it coming man😎👍😎

    1. Nice fart Root and I know it’s been some wired ass comments in the comment section ode the past years man😊💦💨💦😊

  3. Yes Root! Gym shorts and just Briefs! Pls, also maybe do some squats while you fart? Just a suggestion…😉

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