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6 thoughts on “Eagles vs. Falcons Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2019

  1. Lololololol Eagles arent going to the playoffs. The falcons did everything they could to choke that game away and the eagles still lost. Yeah Aghlor should have caught the sideline catch but he didnt and it shouldnt have even been that close in the first place. I mean hell Matty Ice was just throwing up prayers out there. Wentz threw the ball straight to Trufant sitting on the ground. Lmao good luck this season to both of you. Neither the eagles or falcons are going to the playoffs.

  2. Hey have y’all been to Desmond Trufant new restaurant he just opened?

    Yall know….
    Truu Pick 6 BBQ pit off of Peachtree and Mitchell ?? Helll Im goin this weekend. Who fixin to come?

  3. I have Ridley and Julio in my fantasy league. I was down by 45 points and they brought me back and I won. I hope they keep playing like this.

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