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How correct WRIST HINGE in golf swing gives PERFECT impact

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This video discusses how to create the correct wrist hinge in your golf swing to produce a repeatable impact position in your golf swing offering compressed ball flights.

If you want to hit the golf ball further, catch the golf ball first and then turf and hit straighter more consistent golf shots then you need a solid impact position.

A perfect impact position is achieved through correct hip rotation which creates space to swing your arms in front of the body in the downswing however understanding how the wrists function in the golf swing helps the golf club face come down square which then lends itself to solid impact position.

So if you have any questions about wrist hinge in the address, at the top of the backswing, in the downswing…. Well anywhere in golf swing then this video will answer many of the questions you may have.

So if you don’t know how much wrist hinge you should have in your golf swing and when to start wrist hinge in your golf swing then lets get ready to learn.

In this video I start by talking about the address position and the angle the wrists should be in the set up position, I then start discussing the wrist hinge in the takeaway and how this influences the club face very early in the backswing, then I explain the right wrist extension at the top of the backswing and how this helps the shaft stay on plane so you can control your swing plane.

Coming into the downswing transition I then explain how the forearm rotation whilst holding onto flexion and extension of the wrist angles helps the club face get square early in the transition of the downswing.

This move is a key tip to helping deliver the golf club correctly at the impact position, if the clubface comes down open then I explain the need to introduce forearm rotation to help square the clubface later in the downswing before impact.

The risk with this movement is that by squaring the clubface so late in the golf swing affects the club path and can often cause discrepancies like and out to in path and in to to out club path due to the clubface coming down too open.

I also talk about the wrist hinge in the post impact position dependant on the different impact positions and then finally talk about the through swing and finish position to finish.

If your a beginner golfer, mid to high handicapper or even a professional golfer it doesn’t matter. These are movements you need to understand in your golf swing if your to become a consistent golfer with a repeatable, consistent, easy golf swing.

So forget about creating wrist cock in your golf swing and start focusing on the things that are important to your golf swing, like the right wrist extension, the left wrist flexion, the forearm rotation to help the clubface get square as you then have a chance of getting the impact position solid and repeatable offering you consistent golf shots like never before.

So whether your aspiring to play in the ryder cup, the us open, play golf like tiger woods or just enjoy the game with friends this is really important to understand.

So this video should have helped you understand how to get control of your golf club so you can start playing better golf and improve your golf in 2018.

You want to start hitting the golf ball further and improving your play in tournaments get your golf swing under control so you stop losing golf balls and lower your golf scores.

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