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HOW TO TEACH THE PLAYER, golf coaching and teaching golf in my opinion is a skill that ,any from TV to magazines show very little understanding or respect for. Learning how to make golfers improve while at the same time helping them understand and achieve their goals is a huge skill that many in the media and the golf world show now knowledge of. Learn what Mark thinks on this subject and how you can choose the best golf coaches for your golf game.

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5 thoughts on “HOW TO TEACH GOLF

  1. I can’t think of a reason to see two different fitters for the same club. However, I have used the same fitter for over ten years and have high confidence in his abilities based on results. I WOULD go to the SAME fitter for a follow up session for the same club. I would do this if, after playing a round or two with that club, it’s not performing as expected based on the initial fitting session. For example, the driver I am currently fitted for has a taller club face than my last driver. It took me a while to find a tee height from which I could consistently hit the center of the club face. But then I was hitting the ball quite high, and was wondering how much spin I was generating. So I went back to my fitter for a quick session on the radar to check the numbers.

  2. Great comments and opinions Mark. I think coaches should definitely not have a “one swing fits all” approach which unfortunately, some do. My wife bought me a group of lessons a few years ago but I only managed two of them as the coach (no names) instead of working with me, wanted me to completely change my swing overnight so I could draw the ball. Normally I hit it straight or a slight fade, which I am happy with and work into my play but he was all about the magical “draw for distance”…… Needless to say, I haven’t had a lesson since! But I’m down two strokes this season and have had 3 firsts and a second in my last four comps which I’ve attributed to going out and just enjoying the day, not dwelling on the bad shots, (because that’s going to happen) and just taking the positives because let’s be honest……..#golfishard #onlyagame
    #thatwaslong #illshutupnow

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