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I trained like PHIL Mickelson and GAINED 9mph BALL SPEED. GOLF

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In the bag Srixon z765 irons
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9 thoughts on “I trained like PHIL Mickelson and GAINED 9mph BALL SPEED. GOLF

  1. B, just start using the 3 differently weight stick, and find that they’re not only a speed workout, but great exercise tool as well–huffing and puffing is an added result beyond the speed. It does increase swing speed with real club, too. Hitting in sweet spot is still key. Works at any age, too. Looking forward to seeing your range, course carryover.

  2. Great video Brendan,

    I’ve been using Super speed training on and off for 2yrs now and have had good success. I will say that radar device will through out unusually high numbers from time to time. I will usually ignore unless I come 1 or 2 mph to it.

    I would recommend start squatting & dead lift omg to build up your explosive power.

    1. I have a 36 inch vert and also happen to have 120 mph chs just playing recreationally I would say there is a connection

    2. BE BETTER GOLF I saw the TPI video a few years ago and started doing vertical jumps in my training routine, loads of fun

      Anyways that’s my plyo work😀

  3. Brendon, the other thing you’re doing like Philly Mick s you’re overswinging. Why with all this training you’ve never done the single thing that would jettison you up with the best local players in your area–shorten your swing-.

  4. Are you familiar with Larry Cheung on youtube? He’s not your typical instructor and he teaches his students to squat into the right leg to start the downswing and then push up through impact on the left leg. He has good success increasing their ball speed. A few he’s gotten into the mid 180s.

    1. Thats basically exactly what I did on the 146 swing. Although I would call the jump in the left left more of a reaction to the fast arms and to being lower. the squat on the transition was conscious

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