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NFL Jacksonville Jaguars are moving to London? (one step closer)

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Ninh explains ‘Jacksonville Jaguars are moving to London? (one step closer).

With the recent news that Shahid Khan is looking to buy Wembley Stadium (where the popular NFL International Series is held in London). This has changed the landscape of the National Football League. There is serious speculation whether the Jacksonville Jaguars could move to London, England permanently.
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11 thoughts on “NFL Jacksonville Jaguars are moving to London? (one step closer)

  1. If someone could share this on Reddit’s NFL boards (or any other boards you might think), that’d be awesome.

    If you haven’t figured it out,, this is the update from my last video.
    ‘Can the NFL work in London’ –
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    1. Fair enough. My team is out, and I really did get attached to the Knights when I went to Vegas watch a game last month. Go Knights Go!

    2. during the regular season, I cheered for the Knights and drop AZ but now the winner of the Knights series plays the winner of my Jets series I am not cheering for the Knights.

    3. I actually showed a picture of the Thunder in the video. They’re not really in one of the big 4 sports leagues which most people would class as ‘professional’, and not to the full marketing scale that the Golden Knights have now.
      On a random side note, now that my Leafs are out, I’m cheering for the Knights!

  2. Shahid khan said he isn’t moving then team to London he was only buying the stadium for leeway of when the jags can play there

  3. My drum instructor plays for the jags drumline, and I’m graduating this year, and was thinking of joining it. I’ll admit it would be cool to play at Wembley, but moving to the U.K, and trading Jacksonville weather for London weather doesn’t sound like a good deal to me.

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