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NFL Network suspends Marshall Faulk and 2 others following sexual harassment lawsuit

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Several on-air analysts and an ex-producer at NFL Network are named in a sexual harassment lawsuit brought forward by a former female employee. According to Bloomberg News, the names in the suit include Marshall Faulk, Heath Evans, Ike Taylor, Donovan McNabb, Eric Davis, Warren Sapp and former NFL Network executive producer Eric Weinberger. NFL Network has suspended Faulk, Taylor, and Evans. Weinberger has been placed on indefinite leave by Bill Simmons Media Group.
Davis, McNabb, and Sapp have since left NFL Network.
The lawsuit was filed by Jami Cantor, a former wardrobe stylist at the network. She says that Faulk and Evans groped her and asked “deeply personal and invasive” questions about her sex life. She also says that Taylor and Weinberger sent her nude photos without consent, while McNabb made “explicit” texts.
Cantor originally filed the lawsuit in October 2016, claiming wrongful termination and that her supervisor did nothing about her harassment when she came forward. She also said that she didn’t get reimbursed for expenses, nor properly paid for working hours. After getting fired in October of that year, the 51-year-old Cantor was replaced by a woman 21 years younger.
Faulk, Evans, Taylor, and McNabb are all former NFL players, with Faulk being a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The ex-players worked as on-screen talent for NFL Network, while Weinberger is currently president of Bill Simmons’ media group.
None of the men named in the suit responded to requests for comments from Bloomberg. NFL Network only made a short statement confirming the suspensions of Faulk, Taylor, and Evans.
Editor’s Note: Vox Media, SB Nation’s parent company, has a partnership with The Ringer, the current employer of Eric Weinberger.


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