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10 thoughts on “Playing The Nicest Golf Course in Europe w/ Brodie Smith

  1. I know this was more of a chill and layed back video (course vlog). Hopefully you guys did still enjoy the golf, more challenges soon! Have you guys ever played on no sleep?

    1. Played on 0 sleep in 2 days once. Best round of golf I ever played. I was just too tired to think, and played 100 percent on instinct and muscle memory.

    2. I went to the driving range on little sleep a few days ago. I couldn’t hit anything in the bag except the sand wedge, which I could pop up 40–75 yards, skull and roll 75 yards, or smash over 130 yards with a stinger draw using old range balls. I’m definitely a hacker, but I think I’m showing promise.

    3. Hey I just bought some taylormade m4 irons. I tested them out before and they are the most amazing clubs I’ve hit but I wanted to know if you had any thoughts about them?

  2. Brodie should have been lying 3, not 2 after dropping on the 2nd hole. If he lost the ball he should have hit 3 from the tee box as a provisional (stroke + distance) or hit 4 from where the ball went out.

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