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Ranking NFL Head Coaches From WORST To FIRST (NFL Coach Rankings 2019)

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Ranking Every NFL Head Coach Worst to First Heading Into The 2019 Season.

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13 thoughts on “Ranking NFL Head Coaches From WORST To FIRST (NFL Coach Rankings 2019)

    1. Might not get to RB Cores, got a lot of videos to get to b4 season and i dont view that as one of the important cores. A good RB trio isnt something you need. Did single RB rankings and we did the Duo ranking video.

    1. Chance. Zimmer is a great defensive coach, gets wins but needs to take the next step. Hasnt proved to be better than Gruden yet.

    1. @The Tribe  Nagy did not plan/call a good game in the playoffs! Forced Howard, did not use Cohen, waited to long to throw the ball down field in second half and not only played for a FG when they have a bad kicker, he settled for a longer FG than what could have been attempted. It was a bad game for him, you cannot tell me otherwise. The excuses for some of those issues are, Cohen didnt play because Burton wasnt in. Well why do you have the system set up where maybe your best weapon cant play if 1 guy is out. The other to me I understand somewhat which was Trubisky was throwing the ball to the wrong team early so he didnt want to risk throwing the ball down field, I understand but late in the game they needed to get something going, had to at least try it, which he ended up doing but it was way too late.
      Nagy turned around the team much like many other coaches and he is a good coach, one game doesnt not decide a coach, but it can decide a rank when a bunch of coaches are close in ranking imo.

    2. Tate Newman didn’t deserve the award? What are you smoking? Took the bears from 5-11 to 12-4. And most of the trick plays he pulled worked. Exspecially when he out coached mcvay himself. He threw a touchdown to a lineman. Mcvay has way more talent to work with. Nagy took bears from last to first in nfc north. And if Cody parkey didnt miss, well the rams wouldn’t of been in the Super Bowl.

    3. The Tribe because Sean McVay has been head coach longer than Nagy ,who always does a shitload of trick plays that never work and he has only been head coach 1 season. He didn’t deserve the award.

    4. The GOAT House Nagy deserved a playoff win. I don’t see how Frank reich is better. Nagy turned around the bears culture. Biggest turn around by any team last season. I don’t get it

    5. I explained why McVay is better already. Reich had holes everywhere on the Colts, lead them to a playoff win to go along with a great season. Nagy turned the team around yes, but they were already damn good on defense. Lynn leads a consistently good chargers team which makes him deserving, also got a playoff win with great game plan and preparation.

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