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Soccer Power Shot Technique | Start Crushing The Ball Accurately!

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We are going over soccer power shot technique today! In this powershot tutorial, you’ll learn how to shoot a soccer ball with power and start scoring more goals in football!

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About this video: I wanted to give you a proper power shot technique tutorial so that you know what to do and work on in order to be able to shoot powerfully and accurately in football.

When it comes to power shots in soccer, there is more than one technique. We highlight a few in this video. Although there are many different variations of the technique, they are all trying to mainly achieve the same thing.

So in this powershot tutorial, I show you what the general technique is and how to get clean contact on the ball most times. If you lock your ankle, aim correctly, hit the middle of the ball, have good body position, among other things, you’ll strike the ball well.

The different techniques just help you do this in different situations, faster, or from different angles.

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  1. thank you, I an a striker and I didn’t practice shooting for a year( we had only matches) and in a week I will have a tryout..😜

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