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4 Line Shuttle Passing – Hockey

Players lined up at the 4 NZ f/o dot. One end passes up the other end passes across through the centre. Players follow their pass and line up in the back of the line they passes to. Added difficulty with focus on timing and heads up Skating is trying the

Best Passing Drills for Soccer Players

Hey Guys! Welcome back to Nonstop Soccer. If you are new, welcome! In this video, we look at my top 3 passing drills to improve your overall passing. We will look at getting a better touch with short passing, medium distance passing, and long distance passing. These drills will not

Soccer / Football Finishing + 1vs1 Drill

In this Soccer / Footbal Finishing + 1vs1 drill football players have to focus on finishing & transition, oriented control and fast and precise passing. Try this in your soccer training / football training. A nice drill for every coach!

Run North Carolina’s Secondary Break! – Basketball 2017 #8

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams won his 800th career game on Monday night when the Tar Heels took down Syracuse. A huge part of Coach Williams’ success over the years has been his secondary break, and he explains how his teams run it in this short clip. For information on