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How To Create More Lag In Your Golf Swing

How to create more your lag in your golf swing, this video looks at why we need lag and how to create it and use it properly. TO BOOK A LESSON WITH MATT FRYER AT TRAFFORD GOLF CENTRE CALL THE BOOKING LINE - 0161 749 700 MORE INFO - Become a

The Hockey Stick Drill by Krista Dunton

Learn to square the club face. Over the years I have found that playing hockey is usually a very good background for learning to hit a golf ball properly. Hockey players pick up golf very quickly and this is a major reason why.


GOLF GRIP LESSON BROKEN CAR, Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about how the hold or your golf grip can effect your loft and in turn your golf club delivery. Another Daily Vlog where Mark is buzzing around until his car breaks down.

Steepen The Golf Shaft ITS WINDY BRUH

Steepen The Golf Shaft ITS WINDY BRUH. Mark Crossfield takes you through his golfing day and helps another golfers with some swing ideas and lessons. These simple golf drills and tips could help many golfers looking to improve their driving and iron shots.