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THE GIVEAWAY Today i am giving away of tow pairs of PUMA PWRADAPT golf shoes. Other talking points include: 1. Swing thoughts 2. Chipping 3. Putting SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: ... Teaching professional based in the North West of England. Providing private lessons using flight scope and V1 Pro technology,

Time Lapse: How to String a Prince Premier 120 Tennis Racquet

This is a time lapse process video showing how to string a Prince Premier 120 tennis racquet. If you want to see it in detail, slow it down using your YouTube settings. More info about our custom tennis racquet stringing services in Calgary: Remember: you will not save money buying your tennis

How to get HD Tennis matches #133

🔔TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS TO NEVER MISS AN UPLOAD!🔔 This is how I do it ;D ◆◇◈ SUPPORT THE FAM! ▶ Subscribe: 💬 Telegram: 👍 Facebook: 👥 Twitter: ◆◇◈ 📧 Contact:


DOES GOLF TAKE TOO LONG, Mark Crossfield and the gang talk about golf and what it needs to move forward along with Jason Day wrists and Lockey's driver length. This is another QnA video answering viewers questions while on their Tunisia Tour with YouGolfTravel. Play your best golf with Mark's

Off Season Golf Strengthening Ι Pallof Press

Golfers! Winter is here and that means it’s time to train. This Workout Wednesday, our Titleist Performance Institute Certified Chiropractor Dr. Jeff Belgue demonstrates how to build a strong core that can control outside forces. In this case, rotation. This is a prerequisite skill that will lead into building

The Basketball Podcast: EP28 Sherri Coale

Subscribe and listen to all the podcasts or on iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher. In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, Oklahoma women’s basketball head coach Sherri Coale joins the podcast to discuss what she teaches, and how she teaches the game of basketball. The conversation covers learning and teaching ideas

What’s in the Bag (2018 Edition) | Knocked Stiff Golf

A quick updated on what's in my bag for the rest of 2018 Driver: Callaway Rogue 3Wood: Callaway X2 Hot 15 Degree Hybrid: Ping I20 17 Degree Irons: Titleist 718 AP3's Gap Wedge: Callaway Mack Daddy 3 - 52 Degrees Sand Wedge: Callaway Jaws - 56 Degrees Lob Wedge: Callaway PM-Grind 60 Degrees Putter: Odyssey O-Works 7s ►My Links: Facebook


Who's Golf will stand up in the dark in Part 2 of NIGHT GOLF. Subscribe for FREE, be first to view & leave comments click here - PGALife365 will bring you Brand New Videos every week featuring: PROJECT LEFT PROJECT WIN The Latest Coaching Content Tall v Small Challenges Product Reviews Course Vlogs Tournament Reviews For business enquiries,


This video discusses 3 awesome drills you can easily do on the driving range to improve your backswing, release and weight transfer in your golf swing. Interested in lessons visit Stay in touch on Facebook People are always looking for drills they can do from home, golf drills for beginners, golf


This video discusses an awesome impact drill you can do at the driving range or even at home. This drill is going to give you a sense of a powerful impact position and you'll have some fun in the process too. Interested in lessons visit Stay in touch on This

Soccer School Holiday Camp in Potten End | Day 46

Bit of a late upload today! Holiday camp life getting in my way of YouTube :-) We run a soccer academy in England! Check out our philosophy to see how we aim to play Does this sound interesting to you? Register to get yourself on the waiting list for an academy trial

How correct WRIST HINGE in golf swing gives PERFECT impact

This video discusses how to create the correct wrist hinge in your golf swing to produce a repeatable impact position in your golf swing offering compressed ball flights. If you want to hit the golf ball further, catch the golf ball first and then turf and hit straighter more consistent

Basketball Dribbling & Ball Handling LIES! Perfect Hand Position

When you learn how to dribble a basketball or ball handling drills there's certain things you're usually taught about your hand position on the basketball. But if you watch the crossover moves and basketball moves of the best ball handlers like Kyrie Irving, Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, and James Harden... They don't


Some very insightful tips to how to start improving in your game of golf and take strides in becoming better! Hope this helps! MAKE SURE YOU LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO @MGFA_GOLF! Facebook - Instagram -


This video discusses the importance of keeping moving in your pre shot routine and the problem when you become stagnant. Interested in lessons visit Stay in touch on Facebook Instagram Twitter

Basketball Moves (+ secrets) For SHORT Players To Get Past TALLER Players!

These basketball moves and secrets will INSTANTLY help short players get past taller defenders! FREE pro ball handling workout - "Little man moves", as they're often called, rely on technique, playing in a certain space, and quickness. Guys like Muggsy Bogues, Isaiah Thomas, Kemba Walker, Chris Paul, and Kyrie Irving are famous

What’s YOUR Serve Personality?? Tennis Lesson For Power and Spin

What's YOUR Serve Personality?? This video lesson shows the TOP THREE most common that hold tennis players back from success. So... Are you a Dairy Queen, Jekyll and Hyde, or Muscle Head? Be sure to let us know which is most familiar to you in the comments and we'll automatically reply with a message