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Combine Academy Soccer Training

Head Coach Darius Neerings at Combine Academy, along with Brian, Diego and Axel demonstrate the "Outside Foot Touch & Rip". Visit for more information!

TPGOLF Golf Channel Shout Out

Tom Patri, One of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America, has been a leading voice in golf instruction for more than 30 years. Tom has taught at every level of the game, coaching more than 100 PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and PGA Club Professionals, and hundreds of top juniors and

Do you get Quick in your Golf Swing?

Have you ever watched a golf swing and just knew something was wrong but you couldn’t quite figure out what it was? Maybe it just looked ‘quick’ or the backswing looked jerky… most times you can trace these looks or poor rhythm back to incorrect sequencing of the

Throwing the Baseball Through the Target

Coach Carlos Ruiz is teaching the coaches during a Little League Coaches Clinic how to practice throwing through the target. Sign up now and have fun developing, getting educated, and practice dominating the diamond one pitch at a time. Click the link below and enter “SPRING18” as the coupon code

Breaking Down Tiger Woods’ New Swing | by Golf News

► Breaking Down Tiger Woods' New Swing | by Golf News ► Everybody has a take on Tiger Woods’ swing, and how it looks after his comeback from spinal fusion s... ► SUBSCRIBE 4 More ....... : ► Facebook Fanpage ........: ► Twitter ................................: ► Google plus ......................: ► Photo source and

One-Hander POWER & POSITION – backhand tennis lesson

Grab your FREE pdf Action Plan here: Stuck with a WEAK one hander? It may have little to do with your arm... and LOTS to do with the rest of your body. Here's how the correct stance, posture and rotation will TRANSFORM your one handed backhand into a weapon... COMMENT below

Baseball Drills for Coaches- Coaching Workshop at Zoned Sports

Our baseball coaching workshop is to help give coaches the drills to help players develop their skills. Learn some fun drills to help players learn the game. Hitting, fielding, throwing, catching and game situations are taught in this video. Our next Coaching Workshop March 10th, 12:30-2pm - all coaches FREE March


Grab your FREE pdf Action Plan here to get started: These are the TOP 5 THINGS every tennis player needs to be doing. Are YOU? If not you are leaving points and wins on the table! COMMENT below and tell me if these exercises helped you! SUBSCRIBE for more tutorials coming

Tour Player Golf Lesson USA BABY

Tour Player Golf Lesson USA BABY. In todays Daily Swing VLog Mark Crossfield PGA Professional AskGolfGuru talks about grip and posture and how even a tour player could improve with some simple ideas in their golf swing. Play your best golf and improve your driving and iron play with Mark's


GOLF GRIP LESSON BROKEN CAR, Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about how the hold or your golf grip can effect your loft and in turn your golf club delivery. Another Daily Vlog where Mark is buzzing around until his car breaks down.

Steepen The Golf Shaft ITS WINDY BRUH

Steepen The Golf Shaft ITS WINDY BRUH. Mark Crossfield takes you through his golfing day and helps another golfers with some swing ideas and lessons. These simple golf drills and tips could help many golfers looking to improve their driving and iron shots.

Attack The Second Serve | ATTACKING TENNIS

► FREE Kick Serve Course: ► FREE Poaching Course: ► FREE Federer’s Plays Course: A great time to be aggressive is off your opponent's second serve. In today's lesson, Brady discusses why and how to attack the second serve. -------------------------- Watch HUNDREDS of more FREE videos on our website: SUBSCRIBE to