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Catching Large Bass at Golf Course Ponds!

Had a great time waking up early and fishing at my local golf course pond! Loved catching those two decent bass! My first bass was caught on a blue speckled senko w/ a weighted head. My second bass was caught on a dropshot roboworm (Green and Blue) Hope you and enjoyed! Leave a like

Putt putt golf at westwood saloon with the kids

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Longest Bass I’ve EVER Caught! | Golf Course Fishing

Yes, I know it has been awhile since last upload, that will change from now on! I have been really busy in my first year of college trying to get good grades and get the hang of things! Hope you enjoyed the video! If you did, please leave a like,


I broke out the Keitech 5.8 swimbait for the 3rd and last hour of this morning of Florida golf course pond fishing. It was a challenging mid-morning/early afternoon of bass fishing with the cold front and wind, but I was very happy to have caught a bunch of bass power