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How To Create More Lag In Your Golf Swing

How to create more your lag in your golf swing, this video looks at why we need lag and how to create it and use it properly. TO BOOK A LESSON WITH MATT FRYER AT TRAFFORD GOLF CENTRE CALL THE BOOKING LINE - 0161 749 700 MORE INFO - Become a

HELP! Fix My Golf Swing

This is a video of my friend who is learning to play golf. Could you help us fix his swing? Thanks in advance!

TPGOLF Golf Channel Shout Out

Tom Patri, One of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers in America, has been a leading voice in golf instruction for more than 30 years. Tom has taught at every level of the game, coaching more than 100 PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and PGA Club Professionals, and hundreds of top juniors and

MTC Semi-Finals Tennis Highlights – Andrew vs TQ (2018)

Fun match against the legend himself TQ in the club semi-finals! After some recovery time off I am playing again with some minor alterations. Primarily I am taking it easy on the serve to reduce impact on my left leg (the jumping and landing on the serve) and focusing more on


Some very insightful tips to how to start improving in your game of golf and take strides in becoming better! Hope this helps! MAKE SURE YOU LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO @MGFA_GOLF! Facebook - Instagram -

[Road to 4.0] USTA 3.5 Singles | Tennis is pain

I know it's a super long video - let me know if have a specific video length you prefer, otherwise I like to put in a lot of good points or points that either player can learn from. I'm in the green shoes (lol sorry). Super close match yet again. My

Golf Etiquette on the Green | Episode 14

Subscribe to My Channel: A few basic etiquette rules to follow can see one rule from my video on Pitch Marks here. If you can abide by these few gentle nudges, your friends and co-workers will invite you to play with them again. Also, the greens-keeper will appreciate you. Change

One-Hander POWER & POSITION – backhand tennis lesson

Grab your FREE pdf Action Plan here: Stuck with a WEAK one hander? It may have little to do with your arm... and LOTS to do with the rest of your body. Here's how the correct stance, posture and rotation will TRANSFORM your one handed backhand into a weapon... COMMENT below


Grab your FREE pdf Action Plan here to get started: These are the TOP 5 THINGS every tennis player needs to be doing. Are YOU? If not you are leaving points and wins on the table! COMMENT below and tell me if these exercises helped you! SUBSCRIBE for more tutorials coming

How to hit LASER accurate volleys – tennis lesson

Download your FREE pdf Volley Action Plan here: Want effortless volleys? It starts with reducing the amount of EFFORT you're putting into them. Sounds simple, but when you're dealing with YEARS of tense, punchy volleys it can be a difficult habit to reverse. Here's how you can do it... COMMENT below

Golf Weight Shift Lesson DRINK MY WINE

Golf Weight Shift Lesson DRINK MY WINE, Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru helps more golfers from around the world with their golf swings. Today he is talking about weight shift and how improving your ideas could help them hit longer straighter drives.

Attack The Second Serve | ATTACKING TENNIS

► FREE Kick Serve Course: ► FREE Poaching Course: ► FREE Federer’s Plays Course: A great time to be aggressive is off your opponent's second serve. In today's lesson, Brady discusses why and how to attack the second serve. -------------------------- Watch HUNDREDS of more FREE videos on our website: SUBSCRIBE to