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golf september 9th short pitches and 9 o’s

9 o's with Pw and Sw. Transition a little better, spine angle not great from transition, legs not great, turn is ok but not great, impact is better, release is better, right heel is a little better. Hips not good. Slowly building it though, gettting better everyday. Unable to get

Highlights From Bit2MusicToken Bold 3, 3X3 Basketball & Fish Fry 2018

Highlights From Bit2MusicToken Bold 3, 3X3 Basketball & Fish Fry 2018 See Photo Here: Sat. Aug.18, 2018 at Cornwall Court Community Centre, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Host by Dancehall Hot Rapper Knocklife, The Caribbean Best Human Beat Box Mixing Lab and Bad Bad Citienz Girlz. 8 - 3x3 Basketball Teams, 4 Players

Google assistant created golf vlog | 2PUTT SHANKUR

I cannot take all of the credit for this short montage of my golfing week. Google assistant on my sonyxperia mobile automatically created a movie of the vlogs saved from yesterdays round of golf even down to the dramatic music. A few tweaks of the vlog lengths & Voila! Shared

Soccer Action with my Glidecam HD2000

A little soccer fun on a sunny weekend in Steinbach, Manitoba. Trying to regain the feel and flow of my Glidecam HD 2000. Inspired by Devin Supertramp! Do not own music. Song by Scott & Brendo - "Photographs" Purchase their awesome music on iTunes!

Topgolf Coach | Take a Golf Lesson | Topgolf

Ashley and Francis took a lesson at Topgolf. Be like them. Comment below for your chance to get a $100 Topgolf Gift Card for a lesson. --- Winner will be chosen randomly on 5/21/18 at 10:00 AM CST » Subscribe to Topgolf: About Topgolf: What started with twin brothers developing a technology to