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IF NHL 19 WAS REAL | Buying Packs of Hockey Cards

What if we were forced to buy packs of real hockey cards the way we do in NHL 19? SUBSCRIBE ➡ JOIN ➡ ----- TDI MERCH IS HERE! Shop TDI Hockey Apparel ➡ ----- STAY CONNECTED Twitch ➡ Twitter ➡ Discord ➡ Instagram ➡ ----- SPONSORS ** ** Shop Authentic NHL Jerseys ➡ Use

In-Tech HPT Hockey Clinics

Here is a sample of our weekly on ice Clinics At Paramount Ice complex. Shooting Clinics and Defensemen Clinics. we also have total skills and Game situational skills. Check out our website to Learn more about our programs. #trainhard #trainsmart #trainIntech

Hockey 2018-19 Patrice Bergeron 1000 Matchs

Le joueur originaire de l’Ancienne-Lorette a disputé son 1000e match dans la LNH le 5 février dernier. Joueur honnête et discipliné, Bergeron est reconnu pour son ardeur au travail. Il est le prototype du joueur solide dans les trois zones, qui a toujours évité les controverses et qui fait l’envie

Tabletop Hockey | The THL Meets “The Office”

We're flirthing with the idea of doing THL like "The Office." Here's a little raw example of what the THL is really like behind the scenes. We love it and have fun with it, but want your thoughts! Order your Blade Shades at Thank you to our wonderful sponsors for taking

Folge #14 | Technologien im Eishockey | Hockey Marshals

Das All-Star Game 2019 gab uns einen Vorgeschmack darauf, wie Eishockey-Übertragungen in Zukunft aussehen könnten. Wir diskutieren über die Sinnhaftigkeit dieser Technologien und blicken auf vergangene Flops, wie beispielsweise dem blickenden Puck aus alten DEL-Zeiten. ► HOCKEY MARSHALS PODCAST ◄ _______________________________________________ Hockey Marshals-Folgen jetzt auch unterwegs anhören: ► SOCIAL MEDIA / KONTAKT ◄ _______________________________________________ Folge uns

Why Hockey Is Called “Hockey”

The name for hockey doesn't necessarily follow traditional naming patterns, so let's take a look at where the name might have come from, and where it's been used and mentioned throughout history. Thanks to SeatGeek for sponsoring the video! Use code HYBRIDICING to get $20 off your first ticket order: To