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Preparing golf clubs for THE MASTERS!

In this Finch Weekly we look at how some of the best players in the world prepare for The Masters. ►SwingQuest UK eBook link ►SwingQuest eBook link ►SwingQuest Paperback here UK - ►SwingQuest Paperback here .com - ► Official SwingQuest website ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER

The Perfect Golf Course?? Night Golf and Bucket Holes Vlog

In this video me and tour club fitter Mark Thistleton head out onto the Al Mouj Night Course to do battle under the flood lights with bucket holes at Night Golf! ►SwingQuest UK eBook link ►SwingQuest eBook link ►SwingQuest Paperback here UK - ►SwingQuest Paperback here .com


IMPROVE YOUR HANDICAP IN GOLF and MAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR GOLF PRACTICE Its really important to make the most of the time we have to practice in golf, these simple tips will help you see instant results. SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel ... FOLLOW my social media: Twitter: @alexelliottgolf Instagram: @alexelliottgolf

Golf – Make Space In Your Golf Swing

Golf - Make space in your golf swing. Alistair Davies golf shares with you how to stop getting stuck in the downswing and how to make space for your arms. ►Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER ►Follow me on Instagram ►Follow me on Facebook ►Follow me on twitter Proud Contributor to, the World’s Best

I analyze YOUR golf swings from Instagram! PLUS Q & A.

In this episode I analyze your swing submissions from Instagram. We look at golfers with issues including take away, top of backswing, alignment, set up, attack angle, hitting off mats versus grass and much more! By watching these we can all learn and have more fun playing golf! Attack Angle video

How to get more POWER on your SLICE BACKHAND – Tennis Backhand Lesson

Click here to become a PlayYourCourt Member and get your custom video coaching: Subscribe so you never miss out on PlayYourCourt's free training videos: Today we show you a simple trick to get more bite on your slice backhand. This video is for players with a PlayYourCourt rating of 70

Welcome to golf’s ALADIN’S CAVE

Quest For The Open - Season 4 - Episode 4 - Welcome to golf's ALADIN'S CAVE! In this video I try to capture a small part of the golf's biggest merchandise show. This video also features, Brodie Smith, Zak Radford, Andrew Jensen, GM__Golf, Seb on Golf, and Me and My

How To Create More Lag In Your Golf Swing

How to create more your lag in your golf swing, this video looks at why we need lag and how to create it and use it properly. TO BOOK A LESSON WITH MATT FRYER AT TRAFFORD GOLF CENTRE CALL THE BOOKING LINE - 0161 749 700 MORE INFO - Become a


THE GIVEAWAY Today i am giving away of tow pairs of PUMA PWRADAPT golf shoes. Other talking points include: 1. Swing thoughts 2. Chipping 3. Putting SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: ... Teaching professional based in the North West of England. Providing private lessons using flight scope and V1 Pro technology,

What’s in the Bag (2018 Edition) | Knocked Stiff Golf

A quick updated on what's in my bag for the rest of 2018 Driver: Callaway Rogue 3Wood: Callaway X2 Hot 15 Degree Hybrid: Ping I20 17 Degree Irons: Titleist 718 AP3's Gap Wedge: Callaway Mack Daddy 3 - 52 Degrees Sand Wedge: Callaway Jaws - 56 Degrees Lob Wedge: Callaway PM-Grind 60 Degrees Putter: Odyssey O-Works 7s ►My Links: Facebook

The Hockey Stick Drill by Krista Dunton

Learn to square the club face. Over the years I have found that playing hockey is usually a very good background for learning to hit a golf ball properly. Hockey players pick up golf very quickly and this is a major reason why.


This video discusses an awesome impact drill you can do at the driving range or even at home. This drill is going to give you a sense of a powerful impact position and you'll have some fun in the process too. Interested in lessons visit Stay in touch on This

Golf Tips: Impact drill for lower flight and more lag

Golf Lessons That Actually Work..... POST YOUR SWING IN MY ONLINE ACADEMY TO GET MY FEEDBACK. LEARN HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR GOLF SWING. These golf lessons provide great feedback for your golf swing. Watching my in person lessons is guaranteed to make you more knowledgable and improve YOUR golf swing


This video discusses the importance of keeping moving in your pre shot routine and the problem when you become stagnant. Interested in lessons visit Stay in touch on Facebook Instagram Twitter

15-Minute Golf Coach | BASICS 04 | Golf Course 1

Interact with revolutionary videos and audioguides. We are the first and only mobile platform that provides you with a library of video and audio lessons while you are playing on the course and on the driving range. Watch a short video of an experienced coach. Then, apply that lesson while you listen