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Compilation of a technical football training session @ KTA Brugge Specialisatie Voetbal. 00:07 Ball mastery 01:17 Change of direction + acceleration with ball 02:09 Inside cut + outside cut 02:48 Inside cut + scissor (1v1 move) 03:09 Passing + first touch - TEAM CHALLENGE (can we get a series of 20) 03:50 2v1 Stay updated?

What Happens When Professional Soccer Players Teach a Gymnast Soccer?

Penguins! What a fun day it is to learn something new! Joined with me are UCLA soccer players, a European professional soccer player and Alex! Enjoy me trying to learn some soccer drills for beginners... it doesn't end well lol. ********* Follow me around on INSTA @pengpengclee Brian Iloski @brian_iloski Eric Iloski @ericiloski14 Milan

Why college makes it hard to play pro soccer in America

Hi guys, Just wanted to share some of my training session and also talk about the tough decision to chase an eduction vs chasing a pro contract here in America Hope you enjoy and subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out on future videos! About Me Name: Kevin Tapchom Age: 21

BESA Soccer Fun Day

BESA: B - Brazilian skills and E - European discipline is used to enhance S - South A - African power and speed. Fun and learning while playing soccer. FOLLOW US ON: INSTAGRAM = ... FACEBOOK = ... TWITTER =

FULL SESSION. Finishing, technique, agility and speed – FDB SOCCER

FULL SESSION. FINISHING, AGILITY, TECHNIQUE, AND SPEED Full training session completed with the help of my man Kleber. Let me know if you'd like to see more content like this. Cheers! Looking for soccer drills? Check my social profiles ⬇ Looking for training plans? Check my social profiles ⬇ Stay connected to Social Media: Email:

Nash And Giannis went for 94 SOCCER HEADERS

Steve Nash and Giannis having fun doing 94 Soccer Headers. --------------------------------------SUBSCRIBER -------------------------------------COMMENT ----------------------------------------SHARE & LIKE

#PSSSST Finishing with Marshall Men’s Soccer

2 goal 2 group finishing drill, start with up-back-through on the flank with an overlapping run, 2 players in the middle attack the front and back post to finish off the cross. Alternate wide players every 3-4 minutes.