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PPA TRAINING | Soccer Development

When playing the infinite game, you are constantly being a better version of yourself. This is what let us to come up with a way to help unlock people's maximum potential, named PPA Training. PPA Training was founded in 2015, as a training program offering a new approach to the

U12 soccer footskills training

Elliana Ramirez, 2007 birth year soccer player, practicing soccer skills and footwork. Ellie plays u13 for FC Dallas 06 in the Development Academy.


Soccer for Kids is an endeavor to extend support and enhance confidence of young aspirants to understand and learn various tactics and skills of soccer which can be applied and improvised upon ... This episode deals with some more tactics and tricks to win the match and the heart of

Solo Soccer Skill Session

SB TRAINING In this video Stephen does a solo soccer skill session at Fury Performance. The session starts with some 1v1 attacking skills and then progresses into some agility work with the SKLZ hurdles. The session ends with some shooting on a small goal. The objective of this session is to


Compilation of a technical football training session @ KTA Brugge Specialisatie Voetbal. 00:07 Ball mastery 01:17 Change of direction + acceleration with ball 02:09 Inside cut + outside cut 02:48 Inside cut + scissor (1v1 move) 03:09 Passing + first touch - TEAM CHALLENGE (can we get a series of 20) 03:50 2v1 Stay updated?

Why college makes it hard to play pro soccer in America

Hi guys, Just wanted to share some of my training session and also talk about the tough decision to chase an eduction vs chasing a pro contract here in America Hope you enjoy and subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out on future videos! About Me Name: Kevin Tapchom Age: 21

Soccer Drills | Unbelievable [3:26] Technical Sequence | PPA Training

Soccer players have to get their mind and body use to solving different situations under lots of pressure, how do we accomplish this with a drill/exercise⁉️ Easy, working on a continuous technical sequence, where we use every skill needed to play the game, keeping the same FOCUS and INTENSITY LEVEL

NEW Soccer Training Program (Dec 22nd) *Need Your Ideas!

Hey! I'm releasing a new soccer training program before Christmas on December 22nd but I need your help to ensure it's the best possible soccer training program ever created. Please watch this video and comment below with your input. ATTENTION: SOCCER PLAYER (FOOTBALLER) Welcome to Progressive Soccer, my name’s Dylan Tooby and if

soccer fitness with the ball | how to get better at soccer faster

fitness soccer training with the ball it is important to have good fitness, but also be good with the ball in soccer in this video I show some easy drills to do to build fitness while incorporating the ball. ball suicides three cone blast 4x4 skill box music: Tiesto & Dzeko jackie chan

Indoor Soccer Training | Technical Winter Drills | PPA Training

During the winter months, we can still train keeping in mind the basic concepts of soccer... If you are a player or coach looking for a great soccer drill to complement your indoor practices... This technical soccer training video is for you... Here we have a great soccer drill where

INSANE Soccer Training | Passing – First Touch – Dribbling (2019) | PPA Training

In this video we share an insane technical soccer training drill where we work on Passing, First Touch, quick feet, dribbling, coordination, explosiveness and more!🔥⚽️ Great session with these TWINS🤙🏻 Want to train with us? Leave a comment below or simple email us ( Subscribe - ------------ Click "Show More"

Striker Drills Soccer | Shooting | PPA Training

This is a great drill for strikers where we combine different elements of the game, such as dribbling, agility, speed, coordination, skill moves and finishing from different situations. Coming from the wing, two touch finishing, and one time finish!🔥⚽️ Great session with this little baller!🤙🏻 Want to train with us?

‼️9 YEARS OLD‼️ | Soccer Training Drills | PPA Training

This is the perfect technical soccer training drill where players can work on every single soccer skill - Passing, First Touch, dribbling, skill moves and shooting! 🔥⚽️ Great session with this future US Women's National team player!🤙🏻 Want to train with us? Leave a comment below or simple email us

First Touch Soccer | Skill Moves | Soccer Drills (2018) | PPA Training

Soccer player, soccer mom, soccer coach looking for great soccer drills to complement your practices? This training videos are for you... Here we have a great soccer drill where we work on First Touch and Skill moves!🔥⚽️ Great session with the TWINS!! 🤙🏻 Want to train with us? Leave a