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10-Year-Old Soccer SENSATION | Next Lionel Messi?

💪 Use promo code NODAYSOFF for a discount on NDO gear! 💪 10-year-old Chase Carrera is one of the BEST young soccer players in the world. He says he wants to be the NEXT Lionel Messi. COMMENT with your favorite soccer player! MORE No Days Off → 7-Year-Old Football PRODIGY: → 11-Year-Old

Soccer Drills | Unbelievable [3:26] Technical Sequence | PPA Training

Soccer players have to get their mind and body use to solving different situations under lots of pressure, how do we accomplish this with a drill/exercise⁉️ Easy, working on a continuous technical sequence, where we use every skill needed to play the game, keeping the same FOCUS and INTENSITY LEVEL

Indoor Soccer Training | Technical Winter Drills | PPA Training

During the winter months, we can still train keeping in mind the basic concepts of soccer... If you are a player or coach looking for a great soccer drill to complement your indoor practices... This technical soccer training video is for you... Here we have a great soccer drill where

INSANE Soccer Training | Passing – First Touch – Dribbling (2019) | PPA Training

In this video we share an insane technical soccer training drill where we work on Passing, First Touch, quick feet, dribbling, coordination, explosiveness and more!🔥⚽️ Great session with these TWINS🤙🏻 Want to train with us? Leave a comment below or simple email us ( Subscribe - ------------ Click "Show More"

Striker Drills Soccer | Shooting | PPA Training

This is a great drill for strikers where we combine different elements of the game, such as dribbling, agility, speed, coordination, skill moves and finishing from different situations. Coming from the wing, two touch finishing, and one time finish!🔥⚽️ Great session with this little baller!🤙🏻 Want to train with us?

‼️9 YEARS OLD‼️ | Soccer Training Drills | PPA Training

This is the perfect technical soccer training drill where players can work on every single soccer skill - Passing, First Touch, dribbling, skill moves and shooting! 🔥⚽️ Great session with this future US Women's National team player!🤙🏻 Want to train with us? Leave a comment below or simple email us

First Touch Soccer | Skill Moves | Soccer Drills (2018) | PPA Training

Soccer player, soccer mom, soccer coach looking for great soccer drills to complement your practices? This training videos are for you... Here we have a great soccer drill where we work on First Touch and Skill moves!🔥⚽️ Great session with the TWINS!! 🤙🏻 Want to train with us? Leave a

How to Lift a Soccer Ball in Style

This week's tutorial is a cool trick to lift the ball in the air. Thanks for watching! Comment if you have any feedback or suggestions for future tutorial videos. Like and Subscribe if you enjoyed the content :)