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Tennis Tip: Groundstroke Quick Fixes

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Do you miss too many topspin groundstrokes either in the net or long?

In this video OTI Instructor Gregg le Sueur shows you a very simple way to correct common errors that lead to players missing either too much in the net or long.

To be able to “quick fix” your groundstrokes you do need to have one fundamental swing element in place and that Gregg also discusses in the video.

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2 thoughts on “Tennis Tip: Groundstroke Quick Fixes

  1. There’s always a trade off with topspin. The more topspin you have, the loopy the shot gets, the slower the pace of the ball and the more time you give your opponent to get to the ball. And then you would be grinding out points. Even worse, if you hit short, which most beginners tend to do, you are inviting your opponent toward the service line and making it easier to hit winners on you. I like to be aggressive and so I will hit the ball with less topspin most of the time with the ball height above net about 1-2 feet. The ideal topspin shot for me, is a deep penetrating topspin that lands less than a foot from the baseline and hit with pace. Once you become more advance in tennis, the amount of topspin in your shots should be dictated by the court position and the intent of the shot but fall inline with your playing style.

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