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The Gravity Golf Swing Sequence – 4 Part Series – Introduction

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The Gravity Golf swing is meant to be a holistic move that is used through feel. That being said, every whole is made up of parts. It is no different for a fully amicable golf swing. Prior to setting anything into motion, having the room and ability to move is a foremost necessity. If you want to take a step forward, it is best to do it without a wall in front of your face. If you want to move your mass, you also need space to let gravity do it’s job. In this introduction, Daniel will help illustrate how to create room that will allow your body, mass and mind to move freely through your golf swing towards your intention. The following 4 parts in this series will be to: illustrate the heave (setting the golf club into motion), the counterfall (allowing the body to fall into motion), the shoulder/arm drop (releasing tension in the upper body and properly directing leverage), and the release (the turn and delivery through impact).

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