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ULTIMATE Serve Plus 1 Drill (tennis singles tactics)

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An effective serve plus one starts with a consistent serve – grab your free serve training PDF to start improving yours today:

If this is the ONLY drill you work on, it will improve your tennis game – because what you do on your serve and first exchange will determine the outcome nearly every service point you play. Here’s how to train yourself to be a master at the true one-two punch of tennis: the serve plus one.

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If you can read this you have an impressive scrolling game.


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5 thoughts on “ULTIMATE Serve Plus 1 Drill (tennis singles tactics)

  1. Great video!! I would say that return plus one is even more important combination to practice. I’m lefty with slice backhand(most of the times) too many times the return is going out like 30 cm.Or not doing much with second serve return.Because most of the rallies in tennis end between 0-4 shots,the start of the point is so so important.When practicing better have 20 rallies with first four shots than 3 rallies with 20 shots.
    Anyway thanks guys with the video!!

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