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10 thoughts on “Volkl V-Fuse Hybrid (Natural Gut + Cyclone) Tennis String Review

  1. Won’t a “Shaped” poly cut through gut more easily? Makes no sense in including it in a hybrid setup unless you don’t care about durability of the gut. I think great majority of pros play with either smooth or rough polys in their gut hybrid setups.

    1. I typically do not recommend a shaped, or rough poly when it comes to gut hybrids, or multi hybrids. That said, Brittney and I both found better durability than we expected with this hybrid. I do prefer a round poly, when mixed with gut, but this one plays very well for having a gear shaped co-poly. Maybe Volkl was going in the direction of Champion’s Choice, as it has ALU Power Rough. Troy, TW

  2. My fav hybrid at the moment is VS touch 16g @ 55lbs and Yonex PT Fire in the crosses @ 52lbs. Loving it sooo much.
    I just strung my kids racquet with X-One Biphase mains and Cyclone crosses and he’s enjoying that too.
    I got about 15 packets of strings to test before I settle on something permanent.

    1. It is not on our current list of reviews, but we will keep it in mind. I have tried both RPM+VS, and Hurricane Tour+VS, and they both play great. That said, I am not a huge fan of the Black colored VS gut, and much prefer the natural color. Troy, TW

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