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WCE: 2018 NFL Football Week 13 Recap

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Chris is all over Week 13 of the 2018 NFL season, including the following topics:
– how did the Cowboys beat the Saints? We need a good Cowboys conspiracy theory…
– the Redskins may actually be cursed, after Colt McCoy goes out with a broken leg
– LA Chargers are rolling after a 33-30 win in Pittsburgh. Derwin James and Justin Jackson are LEGIT.
– Is RGIII, in a Ravens ball control offense, actually good?
– after a whipping by the Broncos, we have to ask… why are the Bengals so bad now?
– Browns got owned by the Texans… but that could be a blessing in disguise, because now John Dorsey won’t hire Gregg Williams.
– Kareem Hunt issues, and the NFL “investigations”
…and more!

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