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What it Means to Be a Great Teammate in Baseball

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Email this week with a parent about what I had planned for an All Star team I was going to run.

I like to tell myself I give the players late high school, college level baseball knowledge and instruction for Little League level.

Whether that’s true or not, the philosophy that sits under all of what is most important to teaching young people in baseball, is they learn to value being on a team. The skills of being a great teammate greatly enhance their ability to be great in Little League and in life.

Being a great teammate is not something fuzzy or hard to define. It’s about respect. Respect for your teammates, respect for your coaches, respect for your team and respect for the game.

Respect your teammates by being positive and generous with support and help. Respect your coaches by doing the job you are assigned 150% even if it’s not the job you really want. Respect your team and the game by working hard at the areas of your game which could be you if you aren’t fully prepared.

These are values for success in the game and also in life.

Our playing days are going to end some day. Some will be fortunate enough to keep in the game in some way.

But we need to have the right mental attitude to allow the game to teach us like no other game ever invented can.

Dear Coach Nate,

I noticed you have your board at practice with the three parts to being a great teammate. I’ve never seen those things listed together like that before. I always thought being a great teammate was about being nice to the other guys and hustling.

Where did you get that?

Well I came up with the list of 1. Be great to your teammates by supporting them. 2. Be a great worker in the job your coach assigned you. 3. Be honest about what is beating you and work like crazy to get better at it by meshing what I knew was a winning attitude for life and what I saw was a winning attitude for baseball.

Baseball really is like life. It’s not just a silly saying someone made up.

You have to manage failure. You are given critical individual responsibilities that need to be carried out or the unit will suffer. And we are responsible for our own advancement.

It all starts with passion. If you truly love the game and are involved with it for the right reasons, you’ll be a great teammate with no trouble.

Baseball is really the most rewarding of games for those who love it truly.

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Coach Nate
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